Company culture

The logo of EVERBRIGHT means"evergreen, prosperous", using the blue color, like ocean, means our company is broadminded as ocean.

enterprise vision


Our company operates with health protection as the long-term development goal. We provide the highest quality food additives and services, and aim to become sucralose company serving the whole world

enterprise mission


All what we work for is only for better life for everyone in the world. Food safety, healthy is our ultimately goal, sucralose is one bridge FOR BETTER LIFE!

core value


Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our business. Our customer-centric approach always puts customers’ interests to the foremost. We can quickly respond to any potential concerns or problems raised by you, to ensure your daily businesses disruption-free.


 Our company was founded in 2010, located in the picturesque Suzhou City, near Shanghai. Is a professional research and development of sucralose enterprises. In Hebei Province of China, we have a supporting R & D team and factory. Strictly control the quality inspection, and constantly optimize the process, so as to produce the best products under the lowest cost control. Now all our products have reached more than 99.8%.

    Our company will make continuous efforts to improve the integration of the whole production and sales chain of sucralose upstream and downstream, so as to provide safe and reliable products for the world.

Enterprise Certification

Continuous innovation and professional excellency

Continuous innovation

Our products are born with the aid of cutting-edge technologies. We never stop innovating, and always strive to achieve advanced production techniques and unparalleled product qualities. We also apply innovations widely in the company management. Every Wuqiao member is encouraged to think with an innovative mind, actively looking for better solutions. We are proud to be constantly improving and realize our personal values to become the best among the industry

Professional excellency

We derive our expertise from focus; expertise ensures our excellency. The most capable professionals and exceptional work ethic contribute to our industry-leading expertise. The ‘never best, only better’ goal is reflected in our operations.

We are equipped to provide service across the value chain. We follow the idea of ‘service is worth promoting as much as the products themselves’ for agricultural products.

Team sincerity and win-win strategy

Team sincerity

Being sincere is highly touted among Confucious ideas. We also value the idea of being sincere, and incorporated sincerity into our team culture from the start. From the top leadership to every staff member, we promote a close, harmonic work environment. We treat our customers and each other with sincerity, and believe this helps us build powerful teams.

Win-win strategy

Throughout the supply chain, we are attentive to the changing market trends. We are advantageously positioned to have access to the unique strengths from all our business partners, and we built and rely on a network of partners to tackle any challenges and obstacles ahead. Let’s together achieve greater success and mutual prosperity through greater cooperation.