Sucralose: a popular mainstream sweetener


The food market and the pharmaceutical market urgently need a safer sweetener to replace sugar. Some foods, beverages and medicines have always been criticized for their sweeteners because of the existence of diabetic patients. Sucralose (sucralose) purchasing companies also hope to have more suitable sweeteners to replace the currently used sweeteners.

   We often see that some foods, beverages, and medicines are marked "Prohibited for patients with phenylketonuria"! For this group, how painful and unfair it is, why can't they use delicious food? The emergence of sucralose will bring good news to these groups. Sucralose has always been a very safe alternative to sugar sweeteners. It has been used for many years, and it has been developed for a long time in China and is very mature.

   Due to cost reasons, the domestic use rate was relatively low in the past few years, and it was only used in some high-quality food and medicine. Now that the technology of sucralose is continuously improving, the production cost is also declining, which is very good news for purchasing companies. And in the past year, some small and medium-sized enterprises have actively experimented with sucralose as a sweetener in foods, laying the foundation for product upgrading. Compared with many industry insiders, they have noticed that brothers’ laboratories and universities are developing three Food medicine with sucralose as raw material.

   In the near future, sucralose will be one of the safer mainstream sweeteners.