1. Raw fruit juice, carbonated soft drinks, fruit juice drinks and tea drinks

In addition, because of its good stability in heating, sterilization and long-term preservation, sucralose has good stability. Therefore, when sucralose is used as sweetener in beverage production, it is easy to use and manage.

2. Soybean milk, soybean milk, energy drinks and sports drinks

The use of sucralose can also mask the astringency produced by vitamins and various functional substances. Because of its excellent stability and not easy to react with other substances, sucralose, as a sweetener, will not affect the stability of the beverage such as flavor, color, transparency, viscosity and so on, so it is easy to use.

3. Coffee, cocoa and other neutral drinks

When the beverage is heated by boiling or even steam heating, using sucralose as sweetener can completely overcome the phenomenon of lower sweetness and sweetness taste at high temperature.

4. Alcoholic beverages

It can play a unique role in relieving the pungent taste of alcoholic drinks.